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Bombergeddon Review

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Bombergeddon is a high-level strategic simulation of Nuclear War between the USA and USSR during the pre-ICBM period (1950s). Take control of the bomber fleets of either the USA or USSR and try to inflict the highest percentage of casualties in the enemy's top 50 cities. Your country's survival is in your hands.

Bombergeddon is a clicker-style strategy game that uses simplified graphical interfaces to display the progress of friendly and enemy bomber fleets towards their assigned targets. Underneath the interface is a simulation engine that calculates bomber / radar engagements results and bombing results (including blast effects, immediate radiation effects, long term radiation effects, and starvation effects).

Choose a short, medium, or long war length (3, 6 or 9 rounds of action). Each round consists of 10 turns where both friendly and enemy bombers flights approach their target city. Before each round begins you will have the responsibility of allocating your country's resources between Production, Civil Defense, and Espionage categories.

During each round you will move your bomber flights toward enemy cities on the interface's flight progress board as well as make important choices during friendly and enemy bomber / radar station engagements. After all ten turns any remaining friendly and enemy bombers attempt to deliver their nuclear ordinance. Bombing results are calculated and displayed on scrolling teletype screens and cathode casualty counters.

After each round is over the system prepares War Reports for your review. The War Reports include the current round and point-in-time war result as well as detailed round statistics for both friendly and enemy flights, resource allocation and remaining production capacity. Review this information carefully to decide if your current war strategy needs to be adjusted to achieve victory.

When the last round of the war has completed the sim will prepare a special End of War report. The report includes the final war result (major defeat, defeat, minor defeat, draw, minor victory, victory, major victory) based on the variance of the percent of USA and USSR population killed. Also included are offensive and defensive stats and grades (A to F), an overall war resource allocation breakdown, as well as a tongue-in-cheek critique of your performance.

  • Force Surrender option: should a country's Command & Control cities both receive 90% or more in damage they will be forced to surrender
  • Advantage Setting option: allows you to give the AI or human player a built-in advantage (to simulate a country's readiness for war - defaults to neutral)
  • Teletype Output options: view radar engagements, bombing results, and End of War reports via an old-school teletype machine (in typing mode or immediate display mode)
  • Sortable City stats: friendly and enemy city stats are sortable by any column heading on the city screen / target selection board in ascending or descending order
  • Auto-Move option: have the AI auto-move your flights on the flight progress board (radar engagements handled manually)
  • Simulation Round option: have the AI auto-move your flights and handle all engagements; sit back and watch bomber flights progress towards their targets and enjoy the show
  • Top Score page: the top 10 best results in multiple categories are saved for later review
  • Save Game option (between round saves only)
  • Tutorial Instruction Pages (non-interactive)
  • Background music provides a tension filled war environment

  • The top 50 cities for the USA and USSR (Russia proper) based on 2018 statistics are included as targets in Bombergeddon
  • City Population is randomly adjusted +/- 5% for each game
  • A city's primary production category is randomly assigned for each game
  • Modeling of rural and suburban centers in not handled in the game


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